Virginia Lohle/ Michael Brito

Virginia Lohle and me at the "Where's Eric?" party in London.

I miss Viginia Lohle and her fantastic staff at StarFile very much. Thanks to this once great photo agency, my photos can be seen in the following:


Eric Clapton crossroads bio
Yardbirds the ultimate rave up
Paul McCartney now & then
Bruce Springsteen scrap book
Bob Dylan younger than that now (cover)
Jackson Browne his life and music
Eric Clapton anthology
Bob Dylan visions  portraits and back pages
The Beatles from yesterday to today

DVDs & CDs

Eric Clapton & friends 1986 DVD (cover)
Warren Zevon inside out VH1 DVD.
Cream Classic artists DVD.
Rolling Stones Forty licks deluxe edition CD.

Tour Books

Rolling Stones Forty licks tour book 2002
Eric Clapton Japan tour book 2003
Eric Clapton tour book 2004 & tour poster 2004
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Waldorf Astoria March 6 2000 Eric Clapton with the Rolling Stones

TV Specials

VH1 100 Greatest songs  (Rolling Stones Photo)
Rolling Stones A&E Biography


Rolling Stone: Eric Clapton, Ronnie Wood & Bo Diddley
Uncut: C.S.N.Y. & Rolling Stones
Mojo: Bob Dylan & Keith Richards
Guitar Player: Eric Clapton


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